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Claim your own slice of Earth. For Vallar!

What is Terra Mater?

Terra Mater is a Towny Earth Minecraft Server

What scale is the world?

The Earth is at 1:500 scale

What plugins do you have?

Towny, McMMO, Brewery, Quests, Siege War & more!

Start your adventure!

Hail, adventurer from a distant land! Vallar calls for aid from you, and other adventurers like you, to settle and explore the recently discovered world called 'Earth'. Are you up to the challenge?

Terra Mater is a Towny Earth Minecraft Server with plugins such as:

  • Towny

  • McMMO

  • Quests

  • Siege War

  • Brewery

  • Marriage

  • Karma (Cosmetic only)

  • Mystery Boxes (for donator ranks and above)

  • ChestShop

  • Private Chests

  • Casino

  • Auction House

Donator Perks

Love playing here? Support Terra Mater with a donation and you'll receive exclusive perks!

⦿ Mystery Boxes mini-game

⦿ Unlock Hundreds of Cosmetics and Gadgets

⦿ Additional Auction House Slots

⦿ Extra Homes

⦿ Unique Chat Tags

⦿ Nicknames

⦿ Establish Your Own Casinos

Terra Mater believes all players should have a fair chance playing, so perks are mainly cosmetic and for fun! Gameplay enhancements are kept to a minimum.